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Use compressed air as power source, low noise, no pollution, environmental friendly, simple operation.

No noise is generated when standby comparing to oil pressure system, can save power and reduce production cost.

Multifunctional applications for pressing, punching, riveting, assembling, cutting, etc.

The closure height can be adjusted according to the size of the product or mould.

Cylinder stroke can be adjusted and special stroke can be customized.

Easy adjustment of air pressure, only need to adjust the barometric pressure to achieve needed pressure, simple and convenient.

Safe design which requires both hands to operate the system, double button operation, and can supply additional optoelectronic protection device to work safer.

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Product Features



Working Table Size


Max Working Height

240 mm



Air Pressure

0.4-0.7 Mpa

Theoretical output value

65 kgf-802 kgf

Please contact with our sales if you need OEM services.
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We were Shanghai Bangye Pneumatic Hydraulic Components Co., Ltd. We moved to Zhejiang Pinghu and rename Zhejiang Bangye Automation Technology Co.,Ltd. in 2020.
We are an excellent die casting manufacturer, especially in the field of pneumatic and automotive. We OEM die casting aluminum pneumatic actuator and pneumatic cylinders, electric Cylinders, accessories. Above 90% of the production procedures are done by ourselves, which makes us different from the other suppliers. With more than 20 years of OEM experience, we play a leader role in this area. Our production capacity, comprehensive services as well as abundant experience enable us to be your choice.
We mainly can provide OEM services for our customers according to their specific requirements. At Bangye we pride ourselves on being an industry superior supplier of die casting and injection mold, high integrity aluminum and zinc alloy casting and precision machined components. Besides, in order to better understand the products, we also have self-owned pneumatic products such as pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic press, electric cylinders and so on.
60 million RMB

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250 +

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50 +


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